The machine is designed for filling the HP 645 type ink jet cartridges. The advantages of this equipment are mainly suitable for OEM-s, working with solvent or water based inks and using new original cartridges. It fills 6 cartridges simultaneously.

The most important attribute of the AutoFill-6 645 is that the maximum force affecting the spring inside the cartridge is controllable. This method distinguishes the AutoFill-6 from other available solutions on the world market crucially, because it is the only machine which is capable of using maximum vacuum (99%) during the filling process without affecting the original spring performance.

AutoFill-6 645 Inkjet Cartridge Filling System

Automatic, high productivity filling machine for HP 645 type cartridges.

Main features:

  • High vacuum (99.8%) filling technology, which enables bubble free filling and the highest quality performance.
  • PLC controlled, automatic filling process ensures maximum repeatability. Accuracy of the filling amount is within +/-0,2ml.
  • Adjustable ink filling speed facilitate the optimal ink placement inside of the cartridge.
  • Convenient touch screen operation. Many control functions are available in service mode.
  • Automatic filling cycle including quality control of the cartridge sealing and placing the sealing balls.
  • The throughput of the AutoFill-6 is around 180 cartridges per hour.
  • The AutoFill-6 is also available for the production of cartridges with eatable ink.