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AutoFill-3 645 Refill V1 released

A new, redesigned machine for HP645 type inkjet cartridges has been released.

We have redesigned the popular AutoFill-3 645 for higher reliability, easier maintainability and more user-friendly operation. This machine comes without vacuum chamber for now, but a version with chamber is expected to be released at the start of the next year.

  • The new, straight design allows easy accessibility to any parts of the machine.
  • New, touch screen operated PLC control results in a very user-friendly operator interface. The system software can be easily updated with a USB stick.
  • The increased capacity of the vacuum ejector gives better cleaning performance at the end of each filling cycle.
  • New vacuum pump from BECKER with an adjustable gas-balancing valve for more reliable and quieter operation.
  • Pull-out tray at the bottom of the machine to collect any fluid which accidentally flows out during the maintenance of the machine.