The Spindoctor is a cleaning system developed for removing the rest, or contaminated ink from sponge type inkjet cartridges without the necessity of opening the cartridges’ plastic casing. This unique technology enables the user to regain empty cartridges with similar condition as the OEM-s use for production.

Spindoktor Inkjet Cartridge Cleaning System

Fully automatic, universal cleaning system for sponge type cartridges.

Main features:

  • PLC controlled cleaning cycle with many different adjustable parameters for influencing the cleaning effect in the cartridges.
  • The dosing and loading of both cleaning and flushing fluid executes by the machine in accordance to the adjusted parameters automatically.
  • Processing 24 pieces sponge type ink jet cartridges simultaneously.
  • High efficiency cleaning effect by low consumption of cleaning material. There is a need of approximately 60 ml on cleaning fluid for an average size inkjet cartridge. That means low cost and minimizing pollution.
  • The downtime is approximately 10 minutes at product type change, with the help of the easy to change adapter system. There are various adapters available for most of the popular sponge type cartridges.
  • The casing of the machine is manufactured of solid, 8 mm thick stainless steel for safety reasons.