The name of our smallest filling machine (URFS3) is an abbreviation of "Universal Refill System with 3 Channels", which suggests the original design purpose of LOBOTECHNIK. But not only refillers and compatible manufacturers like Black Point, KMP and many others, even well-known OEM-s like Collins Ink, Digital Design, Lexmark and Tritron discovered the advantages of this unique filling device.

URFS 3 Inkjet Refill Machine

Universal filling machine for any sponge type cartridges.

Main features:

  • High vacuum (99%) filling technology, which enables a bubble free filling and highest quality performance.
  • PLC controlled, automatic filling process ensures maximum repeatability. Accuracy of the filling amount is within +/-0,2ml.
  • Applicable for both OEM or compatible sponge type cartridges.
  • Adjustable ink filling speed, air breathing point and air breathing speed facilitate the optimal ink placement inside of the cartridge.
  • Convenient touch screen operation. Many control functions are available in service mode.
  • Minimum downtime at product change by using a pre-adjusted component system for each type of cartridges. The adjustment of the adapter is only necessary at the first deployment.
  • The possible throughput is highly influenced by the type of the manufactured cartridge, but the average cycle time is approximately 1 minute, which gives 180 pieces of one-color, or 80 pieces of three-color cartridges per hour.
  • The URFS3 is also available for the production of cartridges with eatable ink.