When filling ink jet cartridges, one of the most difficult problem is that the ink can't enter into spaces where air is present. Therefore, we prefer to evacuate the cartridges before filling. But another problem arises when the ink enters the evacuated area. Under atmospheric pressure, almost each fluid tends to absorb less or more air, which will escape out of the fluid right away in vacuum.

This phenomenon can be minimized if the ink has been evacuated properly.

Ink Degasser

Degasser machine for inks.

Main features:

  • PLC controlled automatic degassing process.
  • The following parameters are adjustable for one or two stages: stirring speed, vacuum value, evacuation time and calming time.
  • Stirring mechanism without mechanical linkage ensures clean and convenient change of the collapsing containers.
  • Container size is max. 25 Liter.
  • Direct operating option for test and observation purposes.
  • Observation window in the cover of the casing.