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Your partner for industrial inkjet systems

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More than 20 years experience in the inkjet business
LOBOTECHNIK is in partnership with many reputable OEM companys.
You can also take advance of our experience.
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Customized machines as requested by the customer
LOBOTECHNIK offers development according to the client's need, like chip programming or special filling systems.
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Perfect repeatibility of the filling cycle
LOBOTECHNIK assures precise control of the physical properties by electrically set up parameters.
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Always the best machine control technology
LOBOTECHNIK uses optimal, process oriented PLC solutions.
Standard machines
Sponge cartridge ink filling machine

Sponge cartridge ink filling machine

Sponge cartridges ink filling machine – FS6

We developed the FS6 filling machine for the ink filling of the Funai Yellowstone sponge-type cartridges, but we can redesign it for almost any other sponge-type cartridge. The filling machine works with six filling channels and simultaneously fills six single-color or two three-color cartridges.

Components of the filling machine

The design is for use with water-based inks. We can also equip the machine so that all ink-contacting parts receive FDA (food-grade) certification. The maximum throughput is approximately 300 cartridges per hour, which depends strongly on the ink quality.

The machine design is similar to our other Autofill machines. We use high vacuum filling technology (99.8%) to fill the sponge cartridges, ensuring that the ink fills the entire tower above the cartridge nozzles. We fill the cartridges in a vacuum chamber that allows controlling the pressure during the whole filling cycle. This property lets to influence the distribution of the ink inside the cartridge.

The automatic filling process takes place in PLC controlled syringe unit. This high efficient solution ensures maximum repeatability and keeping the filling accuracy within the range of +/-0.2ml. Filling values are adjustable via the HMI panel. You can make different receipts for other types of ink.

PLC technology

We use WAGO PLC technology in all our machines. The sponge cartridge ink filling machine can work in the filling, cleaning, and prefilling mode. Each mode is fully automatic and only requires the insertion of the proper filling device (cartridges or specially designed receptacle for cleaning and prefilling).

The PLC enables to make auto-diagnostic tests, which show the current physical state of the machine. The FS6, like all our filling machines, creates log files for diagnostic reasons. We designed a unique service mode, where all possible outputs are available for manual tests. Changing the machine parameters or the service mode using is only available to dedicated users. The machine makes prompts when specific maintenance is necessary (ink level control, pump oil change).

Ink degassing

Some cartridge applications or ink formulations require filling with degassed inks. We offer three different solutions for ink degassing. Each degassing solution works perfectly with this machine. More information is available at the following links: