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Your partner for industrial inkjet systems

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More than 20 years experience in the inkjet business
LOBOTECHNIK is in partnership with many reputable OEM companys.
You can also take advance of our experience.
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Customized machines as requested by the customer
LOBOTECHNIK offers development according to the client's need, like chip programming or special filling systems.
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Perfect repeatibility of the filling cycle
LOBOTECHNIK assures precise control of the physical properties by electrically set up parameters.
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Always the best machine control technology
LOBOTECHNIK uses optimal, process oriented PLC solutions.
Standard machines
Integrated inline ink degasser – IID

Integrated inline ink degasser – IID

Inline ink degasser

The integrated inline ink degasser is not a stand-alone machine but an add-on option to the filling machines for a fee. It uses some components, such as the PLC or the HMI touch panel of the mother machine, but has its additional parts required for the ink degassing process. The option is bound with the filling machine to that the order concerned.

Solvent and water-based inks

The IID is deployable for both solvent and water-based inks.

The limited cleaning ability of the degassing cartridges makes it necessary to exchange the degassing cartridges before changing the ink quality. We equip the degassing cartridges ink ports with leak-free coupling systems, making fast switches between the ink types possible.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The ink degasser is an integrated part of the filling machine, and you cannot deploy it with various machines.
  • The handling is effortless and requires hardly any additional work or special qualifications.
  • The application is particularly efficient when large batches are to fill with the same ink.
  • The IID is available to all our sponge and bag type filling machines.
  • The price is favourable in comparison to the standalone inline degassing.